Did you know? Most of Colorado is accessible by 4 wheel drive.

Colorado 4x4 Jeep Rentals!
Summit County


Rent a 2017 Jeep 4x4 and discover Colorado's wilderness beauty!!
2017 Subarus Available!   Rentals available 7 days a week

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Conventional car rentals can get you to the lodge. Mountain High Rentals will take you to the mountain!

 Mountain High
 1129 Summit Blvd
 Frisco, CO



Frequently Asked Questions: Colorado Jeep Rentals

What does it take to Off-Road in Colorado?

Common sense, patience and a Jeep.

What do we need to provide?

Plenty of water, additional clothing e.g. sweater, coat, jeans. snacks & lunch.

Where can we go?

Most of Colorado is public land. You can travel over the Continental Divide dozens of ways on 250 year old trails.

What is the Continental Divide?

This is an imaginary line that runs along the top of the mountains and divides the east from the west in north America. East of the Continental Divide the rivers flow east. West of the Divide they flow west.

Do your renters incur damages to the Jeeps or themselves very often?

No, we have experienced less than 3% damage to the Jeeps and no one has been injured to date.

What does your company enable us to experience that we couldn't otherwise?

Solitude, Adventure, Uniqueness, Beauty, History, i.e. Awe of the Off-Road experience in Colorado at your own pace.

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